Cape Verdean Alumni Network

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Our Story

The Cape Verdean Alumni Network was founded in 2004 by a group of college graduates from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, and Northeastern University.

As former executive board members of the Cape Verdean Student Associations at our respective universities, we saw the need to create an alumni network to continue working with and strengthening Cape Verdean communities locally, as well as in Cape Verde.

The Founders

  • Suely Neves
  • Anita Monteiro
  • Saidah Neves
  • Selma Neves
  • Evandro Carvalho
  • Flavio Da Veiga

Our Mission

We value knowledge as the tool to succeed in schools, the workplace, and the community and as a cornerstone of achievement and growth.


We are committed to being a catalyst for change such that we may continue to encourage a successful educational career in young Cape Verdean students while developing a worldwide network of mentors and professionals.


We envision a world where:

  • Cape Verdean students understand the value of a better education
  • Cape Verdeans all over the world networking together to emphasize such values, and provide the tools to make better education attainable
  • Every Cape Verdean will have access to the multitude of educational options available to build a successful career


  • To be community leaders
  • Launch educational projects and events
  • Incorporate the Cape Verdean culture in projects and events
  • Expand beyond the communities in the United States with the ultimate goal to provide assistance to students in Cape Verde
  • Create partnerships with other organizations/programs aligned with CVAN’s mission, vision and/or goals

The Team

The Cape Verdean Alumni Network is a volunteer run organization led by a Team of highly motivated professionals.

  • Krishna Soares
  • Suely Neves
  • Selma Neves
  • Saidah Neves
  • Anita Monteiro
  • Sidonio Ferreira
  • va barbosa

Get in touch

We are a worldwide community of mentors and professionals helping young Cape Verdean students succeed through education and networking.

To participate or learn more join us on Facebook.